Wisdom Christology and the Synoptic Problem

The Jesus Memoirs

Matthew seems to have been informed by Wisdom Christology. For instance, the unique saying about taking Jesus’s yoke in 11:28-30 echoes the saying assigned to “Woman Wisdom” in Sirach 51:26. Moreover, Matthew 11:19 and 23:34 is paralleled in Luke 7:35 and 11:49, but Luke has Wisdom vindicated by her children rather than her deeds and Wisdom rather than Jesus sending prophets. Jesus may act as Wisdom’s spokesperson when he expresses his longer to gather the children of Jerusalem together as a hen does the chicks under her wings (cf. Matt 23:37; Luke 13:34).

The most common solution to the Synoptic Problem is known as the “Two Source” hypothesis and envision Matthew and Luke drawing on a shared source (Q) for their common material that they did not receive from Mark. The second most popular solution, the “Mark without Q” or “Farrer” hypothesis, posits that Luke relied on Matthew in addition…

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