The Prelapsarian Ostrich: Paradise Lost or Portrait of a Good Creation?  

Naturalis Historia

What was the ecological state at the beginning of creation? Were perfectly suited plants and animals created for a perfect world, did these plants and animals adapt to a fallen world, or were they all created in a way that anticipated a fallen world? Put another way, did animals physically adapt to a postlapsarian world or were they created with that world in mind?  Theologians often wrestle with these questions of lapsarianism, the logical order of God’s decrees in relation to the Fall. While such questions may seem like asking how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, the answers to these questions aren’t just a matter of intellectual curiosity. How theists understand the initial state of creation (whether ancient or very young) and the fall and its effects on that creation have significant implications with respect to our views of how and why God created the…

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