Gnuse-traces of a separate Elohist document


I am reading Robert Karl Gnuse’s The Elohist, where he defends the existence of a contributory document to the Pentateuch, called the Elohist or E.

Some of the critics of E deny the  whole theory about documents. Some of these are conservative scholars who cling to Moses as the author or the Pentateuch. They hold that editors added a few things later–like the record of Moses’ death– but that, for the most part, Moses wrote it.

Some other scholars view the Pentateuch as an inventive, unsourced and non-historical construct by a late author. One that Gnuse deals with and I have also read is Norman Whybray. He criticized the methods of those who reconstruct documents behind the text. The variation in vocabulary such as between Elohim and Yahweh as the name of God and the designation of the holy mountain as Sinai in one place and Horeb in another, he…

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