Gnuse-what holds E together


One of the best things about Robert Karl Gnuse’s The Elohist is his survey of the history of the debate about whether there ever was such a document.

The Documentary Hypothesis says that the Pentateuch came about from a combination of at least four documents. I do not see why this is controversial for P and D.

There is a priestly document, Leviticus. The priestly characteristics of Leviticus are also found in sections of Genesis, Exodus, and Numbers. So most scholars are willing to speak of P material.

There is a D document, Deuteronomy. There is much less of this kind of material in the other books. But many scholars think there is some.

It is with the supposed Yahwist (J) and Elohist (E) documents that the going gets difficult. Many recent scholars have called both J and E into question. But, especially, scholars have denied the existence of an…

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