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Book Review: Pieter A. Verhoef, The Books of Haggai and Malachi

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
Verhoef, Pieter A. The Books of Haggai and Malachi. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans, 2018. 364 pp. Pb; $40.   Link to Eerdmans Pieter Verhoef’s commentary on Haggai and Malachi was originally published in 1987 as part…

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Gnuse-what holds E together

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One of the best things about Robert Karl Gnuse’s The Elohist is his survey of the history of the debate about whether there ever was such a document. The Documentary Hypothesis says that the Pentateuch came…

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Book Write-Up: Messiah in the Passover

Darrell L. Bock and Mitch Glaser, ed.  Messiah in the Passover.  Kregel, 2017.  See here to purchase the book. Messiah in the Passover contains contributions by people who are associated with Chosen People Ministries, a group of Jewish Christians who … Continue reading

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