Jesus’ Resurrection and Giants

Remnant of Giants

giant-jesusRick Brannon has blogged, for this Easter, on how the story of the resurrection of Jesus gets changed in two ‘apocryphal gospels’: The Gospel of Peter and The Acts of Pilate/Gospel of Nocodemus.

Rick notes that The Gospel of Peter narrates Jesus coming out of the tomb with two gigantic angels and a giant cross:

The detail in §10 about the two giant men (angels, their heads “reached to heaven”) and the even more giant cross that overshadowed them is certainly not witnessed in the canonical accounts.

In fact, the stature of the cross is not mentioned in the Gospel of Peter. There is a giant cross, however, in Acts of Andrew 54. But in the Gospel of Peter, it is Jesus who stretches gigantically from earth to the highest heaven, so also becomes a giant. Sure, these details don’t occur in the canonical Gospels. …

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