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Jesus’ Resurrection and Giants

Originally posted on Remnant of Giants:
Rick Brannon has blogged, for this Easter, on how the story of the resurrection of Jesus gets changed in two ‘apocryphal gospels’: The Gospel of Peter and The Acts of Pilate/Gospel of Nocodemus. Rick…

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Is deliberate childlessness moral rebellion? (Christian marriage)

Originally posted on Enough Light:
*Warning: 2,000 word post!* I’ve had a couple posts where I gave a general defense of singles and those married without children in the church and Christian subculture – particularly within evangelicalism. Why a defense?…

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Book Review: Grant R. Osborne, Revelation: Verse by Verse — Reading Acts

Osborne, Grant R. Revelation: Verse by Verse. Osborne New Testament Commentaries; Bellingham, Wash.: Lexham Press, 2017. 417 pp.; Pb. $19.99 Link to Lexham Press This short commentary on Revelation by Osborne is part of his series published by Lexham Press … Continue reading

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Church Write-Up: Easter 2018

For Easter Sunday, I attended the “Word of Faith” church and the Missouri Synod Lutheran church.  What I’ll do in this church write-up is to highlight similarities and differences between the sermons, then mention any loose ends that I want … Continue reading

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