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Reflections on “The Early History of God” (2nd Edition) by Mark Smith

Originally posted on The Biblical Review:
The Early History of God  was a seminal work first published in 1990, wherein Mark Smith attempts to construct a history of god. Published in 2002, the second edition provides references to additional work…

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Octavia Butler’s and Robert Heinlein’s Rules of Writing

Originally posted on A Pilgrim in Narnia:
My most significant alien encounter this year has been in the science fiction of Octavia E. Butler. I have only dipped into her work, enjoying her Xenogenesis Trilogy (1987-89) and a collection of…

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Church Write-Up: Off (or On) Track; Last Day of Patristics Class; a Present Love

Here is my write-up about my church experience last Sunday. A.  The pastor at the Missouri Synod Lutheran church told a funny opening anecdote.  It was a story that a funeral director told him when the two were riding together … Continue reading

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