Book Review: Origen On Prayer

Edge Induced Cohesion

Origen On Prayer, by Origen Adamantius

At the end of this short book of about 100 pages Origen says something that is striking and worth considering for any writer as prolific as he is:  “But if you press on to the things in front and forget those behind and pray for me in my undertaking, I do not despair of being enabled to receive from God the Giver a fuller and more divine capacity for all these matters, and with it to discuss the same subject again in a nobler, loftier, and clearer way.  Meanwhile, however, you will peruse this with indulgence (112).”  There are no shortages of books about prayer [1], but this book benefits both from being among the first of these books and also for setting a template for the concerns that books on prayer would often deal with, including some of the details of how it…

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