The Curious Connection Between The Didache And Diotrophes

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Edge Induced Cohesion

We have previously discussed the enmity between Jews and Christians in the period of early Christianity and how that related to ideas about the Sabbath in the Didache [1], and some readers may remember that Diotrophes is the villain of 3 John [2].  Today, though, I would like to examine a curious connection between Diotrophes and the Didache that demonstrates a marked bias in the Didache against the itinerant but godly ministers that 3 John has a great deal to say about.  Although both 3 John and the Didache are fairly short documents and both are readily accessible to many readers, this connection has not been frequently discussed and its relevance to contemporary Christianity is similarly not well understood.  As is the case with previous examinations of curious connections [3], therefore, we are looking at artifacts that are easy to understand but where connections have seldom been made between the…

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