Terrien-the suppression of Prisca


During this new phase of the history of the church (A.D. 65-96), the position of womanhood was theologically and ethically altered.  The ambiguities entertained be the second generation of Christian leaders hardened into a male one-sidedness, which excluded women from the governing bodies of the church and eventually produced in the second and subsequent centuries–to this day in the Eastern Orthodox and Roman denominations of Christendom–an all-men ecclesiastical hierarchy (p. 175).

Samuel Terrien in Till the Heart Sings has argued that the first generation of the church gave women a more prominent role and did not exclude them from leadership.

He notes that at the head of Paul’s list of friends in Romans 16 is Prisca and Aquila (v. 3).  Prisca comes before her husband.  This is unusual and means that Prisca was the more prominent of the two.  How did the second generation deal with such a prominent woman…

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