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Revd. Keith Hitchman Romans 4: 13-25, Mark 8: 31-38 ~ Lent 2 ? Billy Graham last died Wednesday, aged 99. ‘In terms of sheer arithmetic, Billy Graham was the most successful evangelist the world has known, a man who preached…

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Review: Essential Writings of Meredith G. Kline

Originally posted on Bob on Books:
Essential Writings of Meredith G. Kline, Meredith D. Kline (Foreword, Tremper Longman II; Biography, Meredith M. Kline; Introduction, Jonathan G. Kline). Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers, 2017. Summary: A collection of articles by Meredith Kline spanning…

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That Hideous Graph: Joe Hoffman Enhances the Data from my C.S. Lewis Writing Schedule Cheatsheet

Originally posted on A Pilgrim in Narnia:
Over the last couple of years I have been slowly applying lessons from the Digital Humanities to my work. Part of that project has been rethinking C.S. Lewis’ bibliography. Specifically, I wanted to…

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Christians and Book-Burning in Late Antiquity

Originally posted on Larry Hurtado's Blog:
I’ve just finished reading Dirk Rohmann, Christianity, Book-Burning and Censorship in Late Antiquity (De Gruyter, 2016; Baylor University Press, 2017), a detailed and wide-ranging study of the effects of Christianity on the survival…

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Church Write-Up: Forgiveness, Saints, Passions and the Divine

For church last Sunday, I attended the Missouri Synod Lutheran church, its Sunday School class on patristic interpretations of the Gospel of John, and the “Pen” church. I will consider the Missouri Synod and “Pen” services together, since they overlapped … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: A Place at Our Table

Amy Clipston.  A Place at Our Table.  Zondervan, 2017.  See here to buy the book. A Place at Our Table is the first book of Amy Clipston’s “Amish Homestead” series.  Jamie Riehl is a volunteer firefighter and is Amish.  He … Continue reading

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