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The Billy Graham Century — Bob on Books

A Publishers Weekly story called to my attention that this is Billy Graham’s centennial year. If his health holds, he will turn 100 on November 7, 2018. The article noted that there are new or updated books that will be … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: No Quick Fix, by Andrew David Naselli

Andrew David Naselli.  No Quick Fix: Where Higher Life Theology Came From, What It Is, and Why It’s Harmful.  Lexham Press, 2017.  See here to purchase the book. Andrew David Naselli has two Ph.D.’s: one from Bob Jones University, and … Continue reading

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Terrien-woman the crown of creation — theoutwardquest

I am reading this book: Samuel Terrien begins with the Garden of Eden story. “The story of the Garden was probably chanted liturgically at the ceremonies of the autumn festival, several hundred years before it was incorporated into the present … Continue reading

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