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Will Trump Sabotage America’s Economy by Wrecking NAFTA?

Originally posted on International Liberty:
On the one-year anniversary of his inauguration, I graded Trump’s overall record on economic policy and specifically observed that his trade rhetoric was worse than his trade policy. But I added a caveat about the…

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Book Write-Up: Excusing Sinners and Blaming God

Guillaume Bignon.  Excusing Sinners and Blaming God: A Calvinist Assessment of Determinism, Moral Responsibility, and Divine Involvement in Evil.  Pickwick, 2018.  See here to purchase the book. Guillaume Bignon is a French analytic philosopher and computer scientist.  He used to … Continue reading

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Peterson-1 and 2 Kings, Abiathar and Jeremiah

Originally posted on theoutwardquest:
Brian Peterson, in his next-to-last chapter of The Authors of the Deuteronomistic History deals with 1 and 2 Kings.  Here he comes closest to agreeing with other scholars who see the Deuteronomistic History as being finally…

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