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Luke 1:46-55 – Mary’s Song

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It seems to me I have heard the song, “Mary Did you Know” more this year than usual. The song asks if Mary realized just what the baby Jesus would do later in his life. …

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Mysteries Of The Bible: What Does Isaiah 28:11 Mean?

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Earlier this evening when I was eating dinner I received a message on my phone from a loyal reader who asked me what Isaiah 28:11 meant, specifically when it referred to stammering lips:  “For…

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R.C. Sproul Memories

I didn’t personally know R.C. Sproul, but here are some memories of my encounters with his work. A.  In the college library, I saw his book, The Last Days According to Jesus.  I wanted to read it, but I did … Continue reading

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Friedman-the exodus of priests

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Having read Richard Elliott Friedman’s The Exodus: How it Happened and Why it Matters, I am both appreciative and disappointed. I appreciate his argument that the exodus event does not depend on huge numbers of people…

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