Friedman-the Levites as the people of the Exodus


I am posting about Richard Elliott Friedman’s new book The Exodus.

Two old poems give primitive information that relates to the Exodus.

One of them, which does not have anything straight forward to do with the Exodus is the Song of Deborah in Judges 5.  Friedman accepts the work of those who see this as possibly the most ancient source in the Bible.   For him, the fact that it does not mention the tribe of Levi among the tribes it names is highly significant.  It presents a situation where early Israel consists of about ten tribes in northern Palestine and east of the Jordan.

He thinks the battle of Judges 5 may have been a prelude to the archeologically verified destruction of Hazor.

The Exodus from Egypt may not have taken place yet when this battle happened.  You can’t use the Mernephah Stela’s mention of “Israel” to date the…

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