Carr-survival after the Jewish War


We have been reading through David M. Carr’s Holy Resilience, where he highlights the role trauma has played in Jewish and Christian history.

Two more traumas mark the start of a new era for Judaism and Christianity.  The main one was the +70 destruction of Jerusalem.  This affected both religions.

It affected Judaism because it ended the Temple system and degraded the status of Judaism within the Roman Empire.

It affected Christianity (which was just a Jewish off-shoot at the time) by gradually removing it from its identity as Jewish.

A unique thing about the way Carr tells this story is that he uses the changes in the Roman poll tax on Jews to clarify what happened.

Before the Jewish Revolt and the destruction of Jerusalem, Jewish males between the ages of 20 and 50 payed a poll tax for the maintenance of the Temple.  This was a special…

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