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Carr-Ezra, puritanism, and resilience

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Today I am talking about another chapter of David M. Carr’s Holy Resilience.  His topic is the return from exile and he is looking at it with modern Trauma Theory in mind. The Persians allowed Judean…

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The History and Context of the Second Amendment

Originally posted on A Point of Contention:
Of Guns, Armies, and Slaves Today I want to talk about the second amendment. Not gun control in general mind you, but specifically the Second Amendment, it’s history and it’s context. The Second…

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Church Write-Up: Home

I went to the “Word of Faith” church and the Missouri Synod Lutheran church.  Here are some notes: A.  Eschatological hope was a theme in both services.  The pastor at the “Word of Faith” church was talking about how this … Continue reading

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