Carr-pretraumatic literature


My current reading project is David M. Carr’s Holy Resilience.  His intention is to apply modern trauma studies to the Bible in the hope of shedding new light on how these scriptures came about and how they provide help to those who have dealt with trauma.

He starts by talking about pretraumatic Hebrew material.  The traumas he will take up start with the Assyrian conquest of Samaria.  But he believes scriptural material or sources existed before that.

First of all there is the Song of Deborah in Judges 5.  This goes back to the oral stage of tradition.  The tribes mentioned in this victory song are early, northern Israel.  While Egypt and Hazor, among other neighbors, had scribes producing literature; Israel probably did not.  They passed down songs like this one.  They probably told stories about Jacob and about a time of slavery in Egypt and their deliverance.  But…

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