Hebrews and replacement theology


Here is hat tip to James Bradford Pate  of James’ Ramblings for a link to this paper by a Jewish author drawing back a bit from the view that the New Testament book of Hebrews supports replacement theology, for which the more academic term is superscessionism.  The paper is “Hebrews, Supersessionism and Jewish-Christian Relations” by Pamela Eisenbaum.

It is true that Hebrews points to animal sacrifice in the Temple as shadow and the sacrificial death of Jesus as reality.  But, as Eisenbaum points out, it matters whether Hebrews was written before the destruction of the Temple (in which case it would represent a call to Hebrew people to abandon the Temple) or afterwards when the Temple had to be replaced by something for both Jews and Christians.

The kind of replacement theology that I see as highly objectionable as that which claims the Christian Church replaces the Jewish people as the people…

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