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This is just a quick “vent” post. I have already blogged extensively on welcoming people into the church, the idea of fellowship, problems with cliquishness in the church, and the like. See the category to the right side: Christian fellowship/church life. Churches (and the small groups within them) can be terribly cliquey, where it can be hard to assimilate, unless you happen to meet the characteristic of the clique. So many can share frustrating stories of isolation, and an inability to assimilate despite trying to do so and jumping through hoops. But I don’t want to rehash former posts. Rather, this is what I’ve been thinking about lately…

Over the years, I have observed churches receive suggestions for improvement on a variety of issues. Certain people out there are just complainers, and I am not talking about them, but more legitimately presented concerns. I’ve observed suggestions be taken seriously…

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