Elizabeth Warren other Rich Leftists Talk the Talk, but Don’t Walk the Walk

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If you want to see a bunch of hypocritical leftists squirming with embarrassment, there’s a very clever video showing what happens when a bunch of pro-tax hike millionaires are asked to voluntarily pay more money to the IRS.

I’ve even debated some of these rich, pro-tax statists on TV, telling them not to make the rest of us victims of their neurotic guilt feelings.

They definitely don’t put their money where their mouths are. There is an official government webpage where people can voluntary send extra cash to Washington, but the amount of money raised doesn’t even qualify as an asterisk in the federal budget.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that people elsewhere in the world also are not keen on the idea of deliberately giving politicians extra money to spend.

Bloomberg has a rather amusing story about the utter failure of a voluntary tax in…

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  1. jamesbradfordpate says:

    I just want to make some points in posting this. I do like the work that Elizabeth Warren does in Washington. I support the policies that she supports. Still, I think that Mitchell raises a valid question: Why do so many wealthy liberals, who support higher tax rates for the wealthy, do not pay more to the government voluntarily when they have an opportunity to do so? My repost of this is intended more to open discussion rather than to call Elizabeth Warren a hypocrite and let that be that. Do they choose not to contribute more because they already contribute to charity? do they believe that government, as it currently spends money, does not necessarily spend it on the right things or in the right way, whereas it would if progressives had more power and thus control of the government’s budget?


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