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Elizabeth Warren other Rich Leftists Talk the Talk, but Don’t Walk the Walk

Originally posted on International Liberty:
If you want to see a bunch of hypocritical leftists squirming with embarrassment, there’s a very clever video showing what happens when a bunch of pro-tax hike millionaires are asked to voluntarily pay more money…

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Was the National Bank a Precursor to the Federal Reserve?

Originally posted on Human Action and God:
Many seem to think so, especially the Federal Reserve. However, Richard Salsman at Duke University doesn’t agree: Hamilton’s proposed “Bank of the United States” was to be a national bank, but not a…

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Church Write-Up: Encouragement and Moving On from Misfit Status

I went to two church services this last Sunday morning.  The first was an African-American Baptist church, and the second was an evangelical church, which I call the “pen church” because I get a new pen there every time that … Continue reading

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