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Links to share…a mediocre life, idolatry of biblical womanhood, book publishing, book giveaways

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I often share links for my own future reference, but figure an article might interest one of my blog readers too. ** Certain types of Christianity are all about having “the best life now.” Or…

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Book Write-Up: Say Goodbye to Regret, by Bob Santos

Bob Santos.  Say Goodbye to Regret: Discovering the Secret to a Blessed Life.  Search for Me Ministries, Inc., 2017.  See here to buy the book. This is the third Bob Santos book that I have read.  Some of what he … Continue reading

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The stabbing of Eglon and the fall of Jericho

Originally posted on theoutwardquest:
I want to comment on the odd geography of the story of the assassination of Eglon and the revolt of the Benjaminites in Judges 3:12-30. The obese Moabite sheikh, Eglon, has seized Jericho and made some…

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