Who Saved the People Out of Egypt: Ιησους or κυριος


Out of the several interesting textual variants present in Jude, there is one which stands out as a significant one with quite a significant impact on the text. I am, of course, talking about whether the subject of απωλεσεν is κυριος or Ιησους.

The majority of English Bible translations have opted to place κυριος in the text instead of Ιησους (e.g. NASB, NIV, KJV, HCSB), whereas only a few of the more recent translations have chosen Ιησους (e.g. NET, ESV, NLT). The Greek text of the UBS4/NA27 editions had [o] κυριος, though thanks to the Editio Critica Maior this has changed to Ιησους in UBS5/NA28.

A Brief Critical Apparatus

The following list is the textual variants together with a few of the more important manuscripts that attest to them:

  • o κυριος — 018, 020, 049, 056, 0142, 18, 35, 1175, 1836, 1837, Majority Text
  • κυριος — 01, 044, 1875
  • o…

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