Garfinkel-the short life of a fortress city


The Rise of Ancient Israel, the book I just finished posting about, was from the early 1990‘s. Much has happened since then in terms of archeological finds in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria that bear upon the question. However, it is still hard to get a handle on the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age. There is still no definitive answer for what Merneptah‘s scribe meant by Israel and the other questions from around -1200 and the Late Bronze Age collapse.

Avraham Faust has worked on a slightly later period to argue that Israel’s cultural rise was over against the Philistine people and culture.

But the most promising new material concerns the period around -1000, when the Kingdom of David supposedly arose.

A new article has just come my way through Y. Garfinkel 2017. “Khirbet Qeiyafa in the Shephelah: Data and Interpretations”. In S. Schroer and…

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