Barclay-the gift and worth in Galatians


John Barclay, in his lecture on Grace and Salvation in Galatians and Romans, first gives us his view of Galatians.

He is speaking largely to Italian priests and scholars, so he uses an analogy about the change in currency.  Not so long ago the lira was the official currency; but now it is the euro.

The problem in Galatia, says Barclay, is that the understanding of human worth in both Jewish and Greco-Roman society no longer works.  That understanding of human worth was the old currency.  It involved Torah-keeping people as having higher worth than gentile sinners.  It involved the free-born having higher worth than freedmen or slaves.  It involved men having higher worth than women.  It involved a system of shame and honor.

But that old currency, according to Paul, has changed drastically in Christ.  People who still bank on the old currency are like people depositing lira instead of euros in the bank.  They…

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