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Book Write-Up: All She Ever Wanted, by Lynn Austin

Lynn Austin.  All She Ever Wanted.  Minneapolis: Bethany House Publishers, 2005.  See here to buy the book. Why this book didn’t win a Christy Award, I have no idea!  It is my favorite Lynn Austin book that I have read … Continue reading

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Lee-Barnewall–historical reflections on gender and evangelicalism

Originally posted on theoutwardquest:
I am reading Michelle Lee-Barnewall’s Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian. She talks about the late 19th century as a time when the idea that a woman’s place was in the home became dominant. Before men went to…

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Was the Gospel of Mark an Apocalyptic Text?

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A pioneering social-scientific approach to Mark’s Gospel was found in Howard Clark Kee’s Community of the New Age: Studies in Mark’s Gospel (Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1977). Although he accepted the form critical view that there was…

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Book Write-Up: The Making of American Liberal Theology (1805-1900)

Gary Dorrien.  The Making of American Liberal Theology: Imagining Progressive Religion (1805-1900).  Louisville, London: Westminster John Knox Press, 2001.  See here to purchase the book. Gary Dorrien taught at Kalamazoo College when he wrote this book.  This book is the … Continue reading

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