A Design For American Health Care

quality health care please!

ahc_logo2What an opportunity!  A design for American Health Care is badly needed, a blank slate, an open door, a blank check.  So what blogger could resist the obvious invitation.  First is the logo — I hope you like it.  No more Medicare, Medicaid, Indian Health Service, Veterans Administration, Blue Cross or United Health.

Who gets AHC?  Well, every US citizen.

How much does it cost?   The annual out of pocket cost is limited to just $1000.

Is there any paper work?  NO.  No paperwork, no bills, no EOB, and no insurance claims.

What do you need for healthcare?  Just your AHC card.

What is the price list?

  • Office visits:  $25
  • ER visits $50
  • Thirty day prescription $10
  • Surgery  $100
  • Hospitalization $200
  • Medical equipment $75
  • Medical devices $75

What is the national healthcare budget?  It’s set by congress.  Initially budget neutral at three trillion dollars (or whatever budget neutral…

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2 Responses to A Design For American Health Care

  1. PMCMAN (Murrell Selden) says:

    This is fantasy. Nice thought if real cases were not considered. For one think, people who cannot afford those nice little charges could not just magically come up with the funds. And the costs would escalate in a short time. I have an alternative idea to help pay for nursing home care for elders without a long term care plan. Did you know that most life insurance policies lapse, in fact 99% of term life policies and 80% of whole life policies. What happens when whole life lapses and people don’t attempt settlements (often at like 25% on the dollar)? Well, many do not want money (why?). $2,000 cash disqualifies one for Medicaid. They let it go, and many are too week to get the settlement money and then to spend it quickly, before they need Medicaid. Solution, have policies in existence taken over by Medicaid to pay for Medicaid. Insurance companies are ripping people off. First they should be restructured, so they cannot lapse. No purchase of additiional insurance with dividends. All dividends should be used to benefit the insured. No lapsing! Upon application and approval of Medicaid, the Medicaid program takes the policy. As to term life, well when the term is up or the policy is not needed, it is over, At the option of the government, continued payments of premiums (if not up) can be made for a young person, for example (by the government, if it deems the poiicy worth keeping). Simply put, stop giving money away to insurance companies. Paid up insurance belongs to the insured and are not to be used to deny Medicaid. But, if Medicaid is to be used, it should take the policies over, with the exception of a burial amount.


  2. jamesbradfordpate says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas on this issue, Murrell.


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