Chris White Discussing Islamic Antichrist

Have You Met Islam?

Chris White, in my opinion, is a true Christian eschatology scholar. He does not dwell  on inflating propaganda. Rather, he refers to his biblical sources to support his views. And although, as a Muslim, I may disagree with him on certain points, I have much respect for him. Chris White accurately states that the majority of the Islamic eschatology is not based on the Holy Qur’an (Islamic Revelation/Scripture), but rather the hadiths (written traditions attributed to Messenger Muhammad pbuh and his companions). And he shows proof that such prophecies from the hadiths come from early Christian sources, essentially saying that Muslim beliefs about the Antichrist (Dajjal) are the same beliefs Christian Bible/source teaches of the same figure! And according to Chris White’s other videos, the Antichrist is not Muslim.

I must say that I personally have always suspected that hadith writers borrowed much from the early Christians and Jews to describe “Islamic…

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