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Church Write-Up: MacArthur Starts a Series on the Church

Last Sunday, the church that I usually attend cancelled its services, since there was an ice-storm.  I live on the West Coast, so I was trying to find an online service that matched my time-zone.  I decided to watch Grace … Continue reading

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On the Mahābhārata: Similar Material

Originally posted on The Biblical Review:
If you have been following recent posts, you’ll know that many of my recent posts have considered the Mahābhārata and the Hebrew Bible in light of each other. Here, I will explore a similar thing,…

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Book Write-Up: The Unseen Realm: Q&A Companion, by Douglas Van Dorn

Douglas Van Dorn.  The Unseen Realm: Q&A Companion.  Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press, 2016.  See here to purchase the book. Douglas Van Dorn pastors the Reformed Baptist Church in Colorado.  The Unseen Realm: Q&A Companion is based on biblical scholar Michael … Continue reading

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