Origen and Calvin: Christological Smackdown!

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Debates around the Trinity can be bruising – if esoteric – affairs. I had reason to enter into one last year, when I surveyed the views of two great Christian thinkers, Origen and John Calvin. What follows below represents my thoughts on what they had to say about that most scintillating of topics: the origin of the Son’s divinity.


Biblical scholars, theologians and even philosophers have, through the ages, spilled much ink trying to clarify the internal relations within the Trinity. One particular issue concerns the Son and his divinity: if the Son is distinct from the Father, in what way can he properly be said to possess the same divine essence? Two men who gave thought to the matter were Origen and John Calvin. In this essay, I will examine and compare their conclusions regarding the origins of the Son’s deity. In the course of this comparison, I…

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