Theses on Brexit and It Not Being Simple

Harnessing Chaos

1. Farage and co are nasty bastards who should never be trusted and could lead to somewhere dark
2. The EU treatment of Greece was a disgrace and something similar could happen again
3. Neoliberalism is a disaster
4. Brexit leaders are neoliberals
5. The Lisbon treaty is neoliberal
6. The EU provides some crucial funding to the UK
7. There was a nasty racist streak among certain brexiter voters
8. Working class anger about public services and employment issues has been building for decades and is rarely addressed in terms that aren’t immigration related
9. Reactions to the cruel results of neoliberalism, including this whole sorry debate, often wildly miss the target
10. There is a snobbish discourse among some of the liberal middle class remainers towards the working classes even if it would rarely be made explicit in public
11. A comfortable middle-class, little England, nostalgic mentality played…

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