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Book Write-Up: From This Moment, by Elizabeth Camden

Elizabeth Camden.  From This Moment.  Minneapolis: Bethany House Publishers, 2016.  See here to buy the book. From This Moment is set in the nineteenth century. Romulus White is the editor of a well-respected scientific magazine that is published in Boston.  … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: Knowing Yourself Knowing God

Dr. John F. Shackelford.  Knowing Yourself Knowing God: From an Ego-Run-Life to a God-Run-Life.  2015.  See here to buy the book. John F. Shackelford is a licensed psychologist.  He has a degree from the Rosemead School of Psychology at Biola … Continue reading

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Can Bernie Sanders Supporters Replicate the Success of the Christian Coalition?

Early in May, Rachel Maddow interviewed Bernie Sanders in Burlington, Vermont.  Maddow asked Sanders how his vast array of support could be marshaled into a political movement after the election.  She drew a comparison with Pat Robertson’s candidacy in 1988.  … Continue reading

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Church Write-Up: God’s Love Is Constant

Last Sunday, I visited a non-denominational evangelical church.  This church is doing a series on disappointment.  It showed a scene from the movie Bruce Almighty in which Bruce is at Niagra Falls and learns on live TV that he did … Continue reading

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Book Review: John C. Collins, Apocalypse, Prophecy, and Pseudepigraphy

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
Collins, John C. Apocalypse, Prophecy, and Pseudepigraphy: On Jewish Apocalyptic Literature. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans, 2015. 399 pp. Pb; $34.   Link to Eerdmans   Apocalypse, Prophecy, and Pseudepigraphy collects nineteen essays published by Collins in…

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Enoch and the Essene Hypothesis

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
The book known today as 1 Enoch not a single book, but rather a series of short books written over a period of time. They share some themes and interests, most obviously revelations given to…

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Benjamin Brown on Halakhic Labor Law: Statist or Democratic?

Originally posted on The Book of Doctrines and Opinions::
One of my favorite articles by Prof. Benjamin Brown of Hebrew University has recently been translated and revised. It was first given in 2006 and here it is online a decade…

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Book Write-Up: Freedom, by Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith.  Freedom: The End of the Human Condition.  Sydney, Australia: WTM Publishing, 2016.  See here to buy the book. Jeremy Griffith is an Australian biologist.  This book and his treatise have been recommended by a number of academics.  Harry … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: The Counselor, by A.W. Tozer

A.W. Tozer.  The Counselor.  Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2015.  See here to buy the book. A.W. Tozer was a pastor and Christian author who lived from 1897 to 1963.  I have seen him quoted numerous times.  I have finally read a … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: If God Is Good, by Randy Alcorn

Randy Alcorn.  If God Is Good: Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil.  Colorado Springs: Multnomah, 2009.  See here to buy the book. If God Is Good is about how Christians can interact with the problem of suffering.  This … Continue reading

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