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Ramblings on WWJD, and Jesus Being Superior to Us

I was flipping through channels last week and came across the Catholic channel, EWTN.  Mother Angelica was discussing theology with some kids, probably sometime during the 1980s. Mother Angelica was trying to highlight how wonderful the incarnation of God in … Continue reading

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When the American Debate About Abortion Was Sane and Why that Changed

Originally posted on AwayPoint:
People would be surprised by how much less toxic gender politics were in the 1970s than they are now. Mary Ziegler teaches law at Florida State University, where she holds the Stearns Weaver Miller chair in…

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How Christ’s Incarnation Differs from the Hindu Idea of Avatar

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? The doctrine of the Incarnation (God became man in Jesus of Nazareth) lies at the heart of Christianity; it’s a truth-claim celebrated all over the world at Christmastime. Historic Christianity affirms that Jesus Christ is…

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