Part #3. Refuting Atheist John Loftus – Jesus’ resurrection & Gospel Reliability..

Reblogging, particularly for the part comparing the Jesus miracles stories with other miracle stories.

James Bishop's Theological Rationalism

See Part 1.
See Part 2.

1.We shouldn’t trust2nd 3rd 4th handed testimony.

Well, where may I begin since there is so much one could say in response? I don’t claim to be a historian but ignorance certainly shines through in Loftus’ argument. Firstly, he says that we shouldn’t trust “2nd 3rd 4th handed testimony.” Um… why? The reliability of the testimony must be determined on other grounds such as by applying the several criterion of authenticity, cross checking with other data and so forth. If 2nd hand testimony can be cross checked with other secondary hand and/or primary testimony and the data matches then we can have confidence in that 2nd hand testimony. Of course we all wish that we had 1st hand eyewitness testimony across the board, but that hardly devalues 2nd hand testimony that we…

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