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Ben Carson on the National Sunday Law

I probably should have written this post when Ben Carson was higher up in the polls, but this is a topic of interest to me, so I will post it. Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who is running for the … Continue reading

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“Oceans of Kansas,” Unexpected Fossils, and Young Earth Creationism

Originally posted on Age of Rocks:
The following is a guest post by J.W. Wartick, who holds a M.A. in Christian Apologetics from Biola University and blogs actively at Always Have A Reason. Besides YEC and the ‘origins debate’, his interests include…

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Book Review: Craig A. Evans and H. Daniel Zacharias, eds., “What Does the Scripture Say?” (LNTS 469) – Part 1.1

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
Evans Craig A. and H. Daniel Zacharias, eds., “What Does the Scripture Say?”: Studies in the Function of Scripture in Early Judaism and Christianity: Volume 1, The Synoptic Gospels. LNTS 469; Studies in Scripture in…

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Nature and Grace Not the Cause of Modern Atheism

Originally posted on Human Action and God:
From Ed Feser’s latest post: As to the allegation that the Neo-Scholastic understanding of nature and grace paved the way for modern atheism, it is simply aimed at a ludicrous caricature. The charge…

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