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Scattered Ramblings on John the Baptist and the Recent Shooting

The service at church this morning revolved around John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus.  The pastor preached on Luke 3:1-18. We sang a worship song, “Here Is Our King.”  The song talked about spring arriving and healing the … Continue reading

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David Marshall on Bart Ehrman’s Comparison of Jesus in the Gospels with Apollonius

http://christthetao.blogspot.com/2015/12/bart-ehrman-scams-his-students.html Note: I don’t endorse the post’s provocative title, but the post itself is an informative evaluation of Ehrman’s argument.

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Jamie Duguid on Elisha and the She-Bears (II Kings 2)

Yesterday, Derek Rishmawy posted some comments about the troubling story in II Kings 2 about God sending she-bears to maul young people who were mocking the prophet Elisha.  Jamie Duguid left an informative comment under Derek’s post about that story, … Continue reading

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“Stories from Ancient Canaan, Second Edition” Edited and Translated by Michael Coogan and Mark Smith

Originally posted on The Biblical Review:
Michael D. Coogan and Mark S. Smith (editors and translators). Stories from Ancient Canaan, 2nd Edition. Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2012, 192 pp., $26.00  (paperback). *I would like to express my gratitude…

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