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Can God Give What God Does Not Have?

Years ago, a group of us at the church that I attended was getting into some theological discussions.  Our Sabbath school lesson was about the rebellion of Satan and his angels against God: you probably know the story about how … Continue reading

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Newly released: “The Son of God: Three Views of the Identity of Jesus”

Originally posted on The Dustin Martyr Blog:
I am excited to announce that my second book has finally been released. In this book, Charles Lee Irons, Danny Dixon, and I present opposing arguments in regard to the identity of Jesus.…

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Really Elisha? Bears Attacking Children? This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

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One of the weirdest stories in the narratives of the Old Testament comes at the end of 2 Kings 2 with Elisha and the bears. The deal is that the prophet Elisha has just been anointed…

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Book Review (part 7: Apostolic Fathers of the Second Century CE) – ‘Neither Jew nor Greek’ by James D.G. Dunn

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In my seventh review/recap of James Dunn’s newest volume Neither Jew nor Greek I will summarize his second covering the second centuries sources available for historians to observe the trajectories of the development of the…

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