Juvenile Dinosaur Fossils in a Nest: Testimony to Rapid Burial but Not by a Flood

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Remains of 15 baby dinosaurs in a nest. Click to enlarge this image. Image credit: Dr. Kh. Tsogtbaatar

Another remarkable fossils find has been reported in the past few days. This involves 15 complete or nearly complete fossils of juvenile dinosaurs all preserved in what is apparently a large 2-3 foot wide nest.   I have obtained the original journal article that described this fossil find in detail.   The paper “A nest of Protoceratops andrewsi (Dinosauria, Ornithischia)” by Fastovsky et al. 2011 in the Journal of Paleontology  Vol 85:1035-1041 described the evidence that these dinosaurs were juveniles, that they were all likely the same age and thus were of one brood and were all huddled in the same nest.  The significance of this for dinosaur biology is that it evidence that dinosaurs received some parental care after hatching. There is no egg-shell material in the nest and it could…

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