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Forgiveness for Things That One Cannot Entirely Help

I write a lot on this blog about forgiveness and unforgiveness.  A lot of the posts say basically the same thing: God is unfair and unloving to condition his forgiveness of me on my forgiveness of others; I am only … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: The Stone of Ebenezer

Susan Van Volkenburgh.  The Stone of Ebenezer.  Bloomington: Westbow Press, 2015.  See here to buy the book. The Stone of Ebenezer is a novelization of the biblical story in I Samuel 4-7.  In that story, Israel’s priesthood is corrupt, and … Continue reading

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2015 Annual Report for This Blog

This year’s stats were higher than last year’s!  There were times when I doubted that this would happen. Here’s the report:

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Scattered Ramblings on God’s Glorification for Our Benefit

I was reading a comment about a debate this morning.  The debate was between biblical scholars Douglas Moo and Douglas Campbell.  It was about the definition of Pauline justification. I have not watched the debate yet.  The commenter, though, was … Continue reading

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A “revelation of God’s true nature”?

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Review: The Incredible Unlikeliness of Being

Originally posted on Bob on Books:
The Incredible Unlikeliness of Being, Alice Roberts. New York: Heron Books, 2014. Summary: An evolutionary account of human embryological development from even before conception through birth  and of human anatomy and its evolutionary antecedents.…

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Book Write-Up: Milestones to Emmaus

Warren Austin Gage and Leah Grace Gage.  Milestones to Emmaus: The Third Day Resurrection in the Old Testament.  Fort Lauderdale: St. Andrews House, 2015.  See here to buy the book. The title of this book alludes to a story in … Continue reading

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My love for Jesus is not enough…

Originally posted on TheoThoughts:
I’ve been a Christian for a long time. I came to faith in Christ my freshman year in college, 1982. I was pretty pumped up initially. I read the Bible like crazy, rarely missed church, bible…

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Book Review (part 15: The Oral Jesus Traditions within the Second Century CE) – ‘Neither Jew nor Greek’ by James D.G. Dunn

Originally posted on The Dustin Martyr Blog:
In this fifteenth post regarding my recap/review of James Dunn’s volume Neither Jew nor Greek I will attempt to summarize his 100+ page (!) research regarding how the second century Christians sources handled the oral…

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Faust on Farms in Ancient Israel

Originally posted on theoutwardquest:
I have been reading a paper by Israeli archeologist, Avraham Faust: The Farmstead in the Highlands of Iron Age II Israel.   Iron Age II would include the late preexilic period in  Samaria and Judah. He has suggestions that…

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