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Review: When Athens Met Jerusalem

Originally posted on Bob on Books:
When Athens Met Jerusalem, John Mark Reynolds. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2009. Summary: The Christian message advanced in a Greco-Roman World prepared in many ways by both the failure of the Homeric gods and…

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Was Jesus a failed apocalyptic prophet? A response to Bart Ehrman

Originally posted on WINTERY KNIGHT:
I have a key that will unlock a puzzling mystery Here is the outline page, and the outline points: Great swaths of agreement Disagreement #1: Are the gospels generally historically reliable? Disagreement #2: Did Jesus…

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Patterns of Evidence (the Exodus), Part 2

This morning, I was researching some of the claims that were made in the 2015 documentary, Patterns of Evidence, which argues that the biblical Exodus occurred during the time of Egypt’s Middle Kingdom.  I would like to talk about two … Continue reading

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