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Patterns of Evidence (the Exodus), Part I

I recently watched the 2015 documentary, Patterns of Evidence, which is about the historicity of the biblical Exodus.  See here for the trailer.  You can watch the movie on Netflix. Before I offer some thoughts about the documentary, I would … Continue reading

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Nadia, my new favourite person, in a totally non-stalky manner.

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I’m deeply smitten with Nadia Bolz-Weber at the moment. I think that I’ve highlighted about 80% of Accidental Saints; Finding God in All the Wrong People and I really appreciate the fact that she clearly wrote the…

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How Christianity Influenced the World’s Law Systems

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Today I offer an article by guest author Andrew Stebbins. **** Christianity has had a profound impact on Western culture. Rule of law in particular has deeply influenced virtually everything that makes the West unique. From…

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Is Extroversion a Virtue?

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That’s a question posed in Susan Cain’s Quiet. Along with that comes the corresponding question: is introversion a sin? It is interesting that the context in which this arises is Cain’s visit to Saddleback Church, at…

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