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Nick Peters’ Interview with Marcia Montenegro

I have had some insomnia recently, so I have been listening to things online while trying to sleep.  I mainly listen to religious things: Unbelievable with Justin Brierley, sermons, etc.  It just dawned on me when I was trying to … Continue reading

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Labels, judgment, and ‘boxes’ of believers

Sarahbeth Caplin Sometimes when I find myself fading out during small group discussion, I look around the room and observe the people around me. It hasn’t been a full year since I started attending this church, and I’m just now … Continue reading

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Two Septuagint Studies Classics from Wipf and Stock

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Conybeare and Stock’s Selections from the Septuagint According to the Text of Swete is a classic–if somewhat dated–work in Septuagint studies. You may also know it as Grammar of Septuagint Greek. The grammar section…

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