Isaiah’s ‘Circle of the Earth’: A Bad Creationist Argument

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1 Response to Isaiah’s ‘Circle of the Earth’: A Bad Creationist Argument

  1. Go to sea shore on East Coast and watch a sail boat go East. with stopwatch in hand
    one could estimate the diameter of the earth.
    Just measure thev time for the mast to drop below the horizon. By knowing roughly the speed of the ship and height of the mast, one can compute the diameter. I am sure Egyptians knew this based upon the pyramids.math. For estimate, the arc of the subtended .esrth trsverse is the mast height above sea level. Using that as the base of a trisngle, one can use the.distsnce traveled to find the acute angle. Divide into 360 degrees. That times the mast height estimates the circumference of earth. I am sure Columbus knew thst. Math provides assurance of truth, though not without some error. I am sure he did not expect to find land so soon. In hindsight he no doubt could have realized Indis was not there. But the crew was about to crack. Lucky Columbus!


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