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Micheal Fishbane in his Sacred Attunement writes about theology as integral to Jewish life and piety.

Prayer and study are central to Jewish life and are acts of theology.

Prayer begins with the human body and senses receiving the gift of perception.  The human responds out of gratitude or need.  For the spiritually aware this response goes to the Source and Ground of it all, God.

Prayer begins in silence and moves to speech.  For Jewish people this speech often falls into the language passed down by ancestors.  One way for this to happen (which also comes into Christian practice) is to pray the Psalms.

Fishbane uses the example of Psalm 104, especially vs. 27 ff.  This Psalm illustrates a response to what we see with our eyes and ears since it is about ongoing creation.  It talks about the “hand” of God opening to feed.  It talks about the…

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