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Michael Kok, “The Gospel on the Margins: The Reception of Mark in the Second Century”

Reblogging for future reference.

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Who were the first human beings?

Originally posted on the way?:
Difficult issues series Last post (Why the fuss about evolution?) we looked at how the science of biological evolution impacts on christianity. We saw that the DNA evidence indicates that there was never a single…

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Book Write-Up: The Hindus, by Wendy Doniger

Wendy Doniger. The Hindus: An Alternative History. Penguin Books, 2009. See here to buy the book. The Hindus: An Alternative History is a diachronic study of Hinduism that highlights the complexity and diversity of the religion. Many non-Hindu Westerners have … Continue reading

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I don’t believe in ‘good people,’ but I believe in goodness

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