Comparing and Contrasting Genesis 1 with Ancient Near Eastern Cosmologies

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adameveThis data might be old hat to some, but I finally got around to placing Gen. 1:1-2:3 in its context as an ancient cosmology in order to ascertain any similarities or differences it has with other creation accounts within the Ancient Near East. Hopefully this study help you allow Genesis 1 to function as intended, as a theological document (rather than a scientific document).

  1. The Separation of Heaven and Earth
    1. The Sumerians regarded the heavens and the earth as the result of the air god Enlil’s actions in which he violently severed one from the other.
    2. The Babylonians, in Enuma Elish, celebrated yearly at their New Year’s festival the death of the dragon Tiamat, whose body was cut in half by Marduk. The heavens were fashioned with Tiamat’s upper half and the earth from her lower half.[1]
    3. The Phoenicians described the act of separating heaven and earth by using…

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