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The Unborn, Alcohol and Scripture, and the Afterlife

My church’s Sunday School class is going through the United Methodist Church’s Social Principles.  We had a lot of good discussions last Sunday: about pay disparity between men and women, alcohol, eugenics, the unborn, rights and responsibilities, the afterlife, and … Continue reading

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Review: Why Christian Faith Still Makes Sense

Originally posted on Bob on Books:
Why Christian Faith Makes Sense, C. Stephen Evans. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2015. Summary: Against the contemporary challenges by the New Atheists, this book explores why the Christian faith makes sense, even though the existence of…

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Michael Kok and Critical Questions for the Early High Christology Club

Originally posted on Daniel O. McClellan:
Michael Kok has a great article up on Bible and Interpretation entitled “Critical Questions for the Early High Christology Club” that discusses some of the main ideas that have been promulgated in recent years…

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Book Review: Charles E. Shepherd, Theological Interpretation and Isaiah 53

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
Shepherd, Charles E. Theological Interpretation and Isaiah 53: A Critical Comparison of Bernhard Duhm, Brevard Childs, and Alec Motyer. The Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies 598. London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2014. Hb $112.00.   Link…

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Book Write-Up: God Against the Gods, by Jonathan Kirsch

Jonathan Kirsch.  God Against the Gods: The History of the War Between Monotheism and Polytheism.  Viking Compass, 2004.  See here to buy the book. I enjoyed Jonathan Kirsch’s History of the End of the World (see my review here) because … Continue reading

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The Day the Sun Stood Still: Interpreting the Miracle of Joshua 10

Originally posted on Is That in the Bible?:
Joshua 10 has one of the most remarkable miracle stories in the whole of the Old Testament  outside the opening chapters of Genesis. Fresh off of victories at Jericho and Ai, Joshua’s…

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Quote on reading and a great blogging resource

Originally posted on Laura Droege's blog:
If you’re looking for free images online, I’ve stumbled on a great site. I’d Pin That! has terrific photos, all of which are in the public domain; users are free to change, manipulate,…

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