Tiberius Caesar the Christian?


When I first started this blog, I debunked an egregious piece of apologetic misinformation claiming that there is more ancient literary evidence for Jesus than the contemporary Roman emperor Tiberius Caesar (see my refutation of the 10/42 apologetic). I was rather surprised when I saw apologist Cliffe Knechtle make this claim, because the reign of Tiberius is one of my areas of Classical research, and I was rather disturbed that Christian apologists were misrepresenting this period in order to create specious talking points for converting people to their religion. In doing some readings of the patristic Church Fathers last academic quarter, however, I realized that Christians spreading false information about the reign of Tiberius is apparently nothing new.

It started when I was reading the church father Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History (a devilishly clever piece of Constantinian propaganda), in which the Christian “historian” makes the following claim about Tiberius allegedly voicing early support…

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